Zard – 新しいドア ~冬のひまわり~

Download Zard – 新しいドア ~冬のひまわり~ Free Audio Music Mp3

新しいドア ~冬のひまわり~ MP3 Download : Popular talented artist and songwriter Zard debut a brand new track which was titled 新しいドア ~冬のひまわり~.

Zard were a Japanese pop rock group, originally with five members, with lead vocalist Izumi Sakai as its only constant member. Zard’s work was sold under the record label B-Gram Records, Inc. Their most popular and successful songs are “Makenaide”, “Yureru Omoi”, and “My Friend”. As of 2014, Zard had sold over 38 million records, making them one of the best-selling music artists in Japan.

The song is now available for free download on Aboutmusic.

Download Zard 新しいドア ~冬のひまわり~

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Download Zard 新しいドア ~冬のひまわり~,
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