Momoe Yamaguchi – 禁じられた遊び

Download Momoe Yamaguchi – 禁じられた遊び Free Audio Music Mp3

禁じられた遊び MP3 Download : Popular talented artist and songwriter Momoe Yamaguchi debut a brand new track which was titled 禁じられた遊び.

Momoe Yamaguchi is a Japanese former singer, actress, and idol whose career lasted from 1972 to 1980. Often simply referred to by her given name “Momoe,” Yamaguchi is one of the most successful singers in Japanese music, releasing 32 singles, including three number one hits, and 21 studio albums. She also starred in 15 feature films and several television serial dramas. At age 21, Yamaguchi retired at the height of her popularity to marry her frequent costar, Tomokazu Miura; she has never performed or made a public appearance since. Therefore, she is called a legendary idol in Japan.

The song is now available for free download on Aboutmusic.

Download Momoe Yamaguchi 禁じられた遊び

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